Let’s get the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan under way.


Devolution has arrived at Ripley, Ockham and Wisley!

The Scots may be grabbing the headlines but, all over the country, thanks to the Localism Act of 2011, villages and towns all over the country have been quietly taking a bit more control over the way their areas will develop in the future. The mechanism to do this is called a Neighbourhood Plan.

For the next year or two you’ll be hearing about this and how we need your help to make sure that we get it right. The plan is important because it will go a long way towards defining the future physical development of this whole area. It is likely to cover housing, transport, education, leisure facilities, the environment and a whole lot more. Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been agreed and filed with Guildford Borough Council, every planning application or other development initiative in the neighbourhood will be measured against this, for the next fifteen years.

The Neighbourhood Plan for this area has been sponsored by Ripley Parish Council but, to ensure that the plan is as comprehensive as possible, our Borough Councillor, Colin Cross, has recruited the neighbouring parishes of Ockham and Wisley to the cause, so that our ‘neighbourhood’, for the purposes of the plan, will be the entire Lovelace Ward.

Here’s a map of the Lovelace Area.


Because it’s so important, the rules require that the people producing the plan (the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group) have to be very careful to make sure that it reflects the views of the all the people who live or work in the area. Not only do we have to consult you personally twice during the process but the Lovelace residents will then be able to have a referendum on whether to adopt the Plan, once it has been drafted.

To give the Plan validity, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you respond when we ask for your opinion. The more responses we get, the stronger our hand will be when it comes to negotiating compromises between what we want and what Guildford Borough may choose to try and impose on us through own Local Pan. All the Neighbourhood Plan documents you receive will be on bright yellow paper.

The first of these will be a broad list of questions about what you think the area needs and also what it doesn’t need! Most of the questions will cover Lovelace as a whole, but there will be a specific section for your parish area too. So, when you receive one you’ll know it’s time to get thinking, get writing and get it in to us in good time. That way, you will help to shape future of Lovelace for a generation.

If you want to understand the Neighbourhood Plan process better, go to www.locality.org.uk and click on Neighbourhood Plans. There’s a two minute video which explains it well.


Did you know that there is an architectural style called the Lovelace Style?

It is characterised by romanesque windows, like those at Ockham Mill. Once you know about it, you will see examples all over, especially in the Horsleys. We’ve chosen the three arched window as the Lovelace Plan logo, each arch represents a parish.


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